ImmunoXpert™ is a pioneering in-vitro diagnostic test that accurately distinguishes between bacterial and viral infections based on the patient’s immune response

A major driver of antibiotic misuse is the difficulty to clinically discriminate bacterial from viral infections. Antibiotic misuse leads to ineffective treatment, emergence of resistant strains of bacteria, and is estimated to cost healthcare systems worldwide tens of billions of dollars annually.

ImmunoXpert™ is an innovative in-vitro diagnostic test that leverages the world’s most accurate diagnostic system for differentiating bacteria from viruses, crafted by nature, the body’s immune system. The ImmunoXpert™ test measures proprietary immune system biomarkers coupled with pattern recognition algorithms to accurately distinguish between these types of infection. 
ImmunoXpert™ is approved for use in the EU (CE-IVD certified), following rigorous clinical evaluation in a series of international multicenter clinical studies enrolling thousands of patients. ImmunoXpert™ is currently not available for sale in the United States.