ImmunoPoC™ (in development)

ImmunoPoC™ is a revolutionary benchtop device for distinguishing between bacterial and viral infections at the point-of-care
Rapid and accurate discrimination between bacterial and viral infection at the point-of-care (PoC), has the potential to significantly improve the treatment of numerous patients around the globe, every day. ImmunoPoC™, a revolutionary benchtop device for rapid diagnosis of  bacterial versus viral infections, aims to do exactly that; to assist physicians in making rapid and better informed antibiotic treatment decisions at the PoC.
Unlike most PoC solutions that seek to detect bacteria or viruses, ImmunoPoC™ relies on measurements of the immune response to diagnose the source of infection. This allows ImmunoPoC™ to complement and overcome several challenges facing current PoC diagnostic solutions including diagnosis of inaccessible or unknown infection sites (e.g. pneumonia and fever-without-source), which occur in one in every four patients with acute infection at the PoC.