Award Winning Technology

MeMed is a leading host response diagnostics company that has won multiple highly competitive contracts and awards from the US Department of Defense and the European Commission, totaling over $25 million.

Project name: A novel host-protein Point-Of-Care platform for differentiating bacterial vs viral infections: Transition from prototype to product


Funding: $4,079,159


Aim:  To support transfer to manufacturing of MeMed's pioneering point of care platform (MeMed Key™) that distinguishes bacterial from viral infections

The two-year grant from the DOD's Congressionally Directed Medical Research Programs (CDMRP) is contributing to the following activities: (i) Finalize design and facilitate manufacturing of MeMed Key™; (ii) Facilitate manufacturing of MeMed Key™ cartridge and reagents; (iii) Develop connectivity capabilities.

Project name: DTRA ‘FEVER’ program – Fieldable tests for Early Viral Exposure Response


Funding: $10,231,791


Aim: To advance the ongoing transition of central laboratory MeMed BV™ in an ELISA format onto MeMed Key™ point-of-care platform for accurate and early detection of the infection cause.


Partners: MRI Global

The two and a half year contract from the US Department of Defense (DTRA) will help fund prototyping MeMed key™ for distinguishing bacterial from viral infections. Notably, in addition to allowing measurements of bacterial versus viral proteins, MeMed key™ opens the way to a variety of rapid multiplex-protein measurements at the point-of-care with lab quality precision, which has broad applications. The project will also evaluate and potentially expand the test menu to detect early infections, even at the pre-symptomatic stage. 

The following international projects were co-funded as part of the FP7 (Seventh Framework) and Horizon 2020 EU research and innovation programs

Project name: AutoPilot-Dx


Funding: €2,300,000


Aim: Deployment of MeMed BV™ ELISA format (ImmunoXpert™) in top EU hospitals.


Partners: University of Perugia, University Hospital Mannheim, Tecan, Quantify Research, and MeMed

AutoPilot-Dx is an international consortium funded by the EU and led by MeMed with members from leading medical centers and industry that are coordinating the deployment of MeMed BV™ ELISA format in Europe to reduce antibiotic misuse in hospitals. Funds are being used to further solidify clinical utility and cost-effectiveness of MeMed BV™ ELISA format, with the goal of monitoring the management of 1,200 children with respiratory tract infections or fever without source. The two-year award was granted through the prestigious Horizon 2020 Fast Track to Innovation Pilot, which recognizes outstanding business innovators. 

Project name: Respiratory-ImmunoDx


Funding: €3,000,000


Aim: Clinical validation of host biomarker signature for distinguishing bacterial versus viral lower respiratory tract infections  in adults at the point-of-need


Partners: Rambam Health Care Campus, Carmel Medical Center and Rabin Medical Center (Beilinson Hospital)

The three-year award was granted through Horizon 2020’s Small and Medium-sized Enterprise (SME) instrument, which targets high potential SMEs with groundbreaking products that have the potential to profoundly impact the EU economy and global healthcare. MeMed's proposal received top place out of 90 competitive applicants. Funds are being used to accelerate development of MeMed Key and validate MeMed BV on adults patients.

Project name: Tailored-Treatment


Funding: €6,000,000


Aim: To validate pioneering diagnostic technologies to improve management of hospitalized patients with acute infection, and guide antibiotic treatment


Partners: Erasmus MC, Rotterdam, University Medical Center, Utrecht, Hadassah University Hospital, IBEXPERTS, University of Gothenburg, Noray Bioinformatics, and MeMed

At the heart of the Tailored-Treatment project is a prospective international clinical study designed to recruit and monitor 1200 hospitalized patients with respiratory tract and/or bloodstream infections. Cutting edge high-throughput techniques are used to measure the transcriptomic, proteomic and genomic fingerprint of these patients as well as their microbiome. The expected result is a unique multifaceted dataset that will be used to identify novel host-pathogen interactions and discover new biological markers of infection.

Covid 19

Project name: DECODE


Funding: €2,500,000


Aim: To establish potential applications of MeMed BV® and its composite biomarkers in managing COVID-19 patients, DECODE’s objectives are:

1.     To deploy BV®/Key® at hospitals in Europe that are managing COVID-19 patients.

2.     To collect real world evidence to support the performance of BV in identifying early viral infection and predicting/monitoring disease severity of COVID-19 disease.

3.     To mature the BV / Key system based on lessons learned during deployment


Partners: Bnai Zion Medical Center, Haifa, Israel; Saarland University Hospital, Homburg, Germany; UMC Utrecht, Netherlands; Rabin Medical Center (Hasharon & Beilinson Medical Centers), Petah Tikva, Israel; Hillel Yafe, Hadera, Israel

The two-year award was granted through Horizon 2020’s Small and Medium-sized Enterprise (SME) instrument (H2020-SMEInst-2018-2020-2). MeMed first won an SME Instrument Award in 2015, and now is one of the few companies ever to win it twice. Fewer than 5% of applicants are selected for the highly competitive award to support small and medium-sized companies with breakthrough innovations and the potential to create or redefine markets globally.