The Fever Encounter:

A few sentences explaining the fever encounter.


> 10 M deaths &

$100 trillion

MeMed BV® is a pioneering immune-based protein test that provides physicians with an indispensable tool to distinguish between bacterial and viral infections. MeMed BV™ has been validated by an unprecedented level of high-quality clinical data from more than 20,000 patients and multinational, double-blind clinical studies, which have been published in leading peer-reviewed journals. The test has over 90% sensitivity and specificity (NPV>98%) across multiple pathogens1–4

Uncertainty leads to Antibiotic overuse and Antimicrobial Resistance


Accurate triage at ED reduces costs & saves lives2,3

1.7 million adults develop severe infections in the US annually1

270,000 deaths & $41B is spent in the US annually1

Initial data from a prospective study shows that a new signature by MeMed can be a valuable resource for early detection of disease severity and progression for patients with severe COVID-19. Using the MeMed COVID-19 Severity test, researchers measured IP-10 levels twice a day over the course of a month in 52 SARS-CoV-2 positive patients, 26 of whom developed severe COVID-19. This revealed that severe patients had very high median IP-10 levels (1,190 pg/mL) compared to the median IP-10 levels of the non-severe group (328 pg/mL).


Timely and personalized treatment with immunomodulatory drugs can save lives

Severe hyperinflammatory immune response can lead to mortality in severe infections including COVID-19 patients and other diseases.

Initial data from a prospective study shows that serial and rapid measurements of IP-10 can be a valuable resource for monitoring inflammatory status and personalizing treatment strategies for severe COVID-19 patients treated with corticosteroids. 

Dilemma 1:

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Dilemma 2:




Dilemma 3:

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