The immune system is built to communicate what's going on.

Our mission is to listen.

MeMed listens to the language of the host immune response to address some of the most difficult problems of 21st century medicine. 


The era of "Deep Listening" has begun


MeMed listens and decodes the complex signals of the human body, our Host-Response system - into actionable insights to help physicians make better informed decisions for their patients. 


The Platform: MeMed Key

MeMed Key™  is a first of its kind immunoassay platform that opens the way to measuring multiple proteins with central lab performance at the point-of-need.  MeMed Key™ can run the MeMed BV™ test within 15 minutes.

The Test: MeMed BV™ 

MeMed BV™ - a pioneering test for distinguishing between bacterial and viral infections that relies on the most accurate detection system - the body's immune system. MeMed BV™ aims to support physicians in making better informed antibiotic treatment decisions and tackling antimicrobial resistance - one of the biggest healthcare challenges of our time.


The Evidence:


MeMed’s signature has been validated by real-world data from over 20,000 patients and multinational, double-blind clinical studies, published in peer-reviewed journals.

In the news:

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A new blood test could stop doctors from over prescribing antibiotics


Inflammatory Biomarker Tests for Guiding COVID-19 Treatment

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