Identifying infections prior to symptom onset

The international spread of disease is a constant companion of the movement of people, animals and goods across borders. To prevent global spread, outbreaks need to be detected and reported early. A major challenge in our ability to control epidemics and pandemics is detecting early infections, even prior to presentation of clinical symptoms like cough or fever. Host-based diagnostics rely on biomarkers that changes in our blood stream in response to bacterial or viral infections. Different biomarkers have different temporal dynamic patterns, meaning their blood levels changes differently over time (see illustrative figure below). 

MeMed Early™ is a disruptive host immune-based test for detection of early infections, even at the pre-symptomatic stage. It includes proprietary biomarkers that respond very rapidly to bacterial and viral infections, hours and even days before the patient start to feel sick. Timely identification of infected patients in times of epidemics can promote effective and potentially life saving treatment as well as assist in the control of the  an ongoing outbreak. 


MeMed Early™ is under development and currently not available for sale.