MeMed Advances Diagnostic Solutions for COVID-19 Pandemic to Enable Enhanced Patient Management

25 May 2020

Cutting-Edge Host Immune Response and Machine-Learning Technology Employed to Help Physicians Improve Risk Stratification, Diagnosis, Prognosis and Monitoring of Patients

HAIFA, Israel, May 20, 2020 — MeMed Ltd., a leader in host response-based diagnostic solutions, today announced that it is working on diagnostic solutions enabling enhanced patient management through risk stratification, monitoring and prognosis of patients with COVID-19, employing cutting-edge host immune response and machine-learning technology.

As a leading Med Tech Company, MeMed has pioneered the MeMed Key™ platform, a robust, highly sensitive, bench-top platform for rapid measurement of proteins with central lab precision at the point of care. The MeMed BV™ test runs on MeMed Key™ in 15 minutes and uses the human immune system as a ‘disease sensor’.

Leveraging these proprietary diagnostic solutions, MeMed measures how the levels of three immune system proteins ‒ TRAIL, IP-10 and CRP ‒ change in response to bacterial and viral infections. By applying its computational algorithms to these measurements, MeMed is focused on providing important insights to help determine whether individuals who may have been exposed to COVID-19 – whether they present with symptoms or not – have been infected with a pathogen, whether this pathogen is a bacteria or virus, and the potential severity of the infection. MeMed is also working with physicians to determine whether these diagnostic tools can be used to evaluate how a patient is responding to treatment in hospital and, in turn, guide patient management decisions.

“MeMed and its research collaborators have generated preliminary data suggesting that our three signature proteins exhibit a distinctive expression signature in response to viral infection, even before symptoms onset, as well as in infected asymptomatic individuals,” explains Eran Eden, MeMed’s co-founder and CEO. “An extension of our technology is to move beyond diagnosis of a viral or bacterial infection to looking at potential severity of the infection – which individuals are going to suffer from a mild infection, and which may go on to require a stay in hospital. We can then look at how they are responding to treatment. Our multidisciplinary team has dedicated years to this work, but, in response to the current global pandemic, we are now gathering this data in COVID-19 patients.”

Kfir Ovid, MeMed’s co-founder and CTO added: “MeMed is currently working with leading medical centers in Israel, the Netherlands and others around the world to validate the various applications of the MeMed Key™ platform and MeMed BV™ test in COVID-19 patients and is exploring additional collaboration opportunities. We are committed to doing our part to help thwart the spread of the coronavirus and, along with it, the devastating global public health and economic crisis the world is currently facing.”

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