Tanya Gottlieb, VP Scientific Affairs at MeMed, Appointed to the Board of the AMR Industry Alliance

19 April 2021

HAIFA, Israel, April 19, 2021 – MeMed, a leader in advanced host-immune response technologies, is pleased to announce the appointment of Dr Tanya Gottlieb, VP Scientific Affairs at MeMed, to the Board of the AMR Industry Alliance (AMRIA).

The AMR Industry Alliance is one of the largest private sector coalitions set up to provide sustainable solutions to curb antimicrobial resistance, with over 100 biotech, diagnostics, generics and research-based pharmaceutical companies and associations joining forces to create industry progress towards reducing the threat of antimicrobial resistance (AMR).

Tanya joins the AMRIA Board as a representative from the diagnostics sector, adding to her role on AMRIA’s Appropriate Use Working Group.

“The AMR Industry Alliance brings together key stakeholders with a great potential to influence appropriate usage of antibiotics and curb AMR,” commented Dr Tanya Gottlieb. “A key focus of MeMed is to leverage the immune response as an accurate tool to determine if an infection is bacterial or viral, warranting antibiotics or not, with the aim of improving antibiotic stewardship. I am delighted to serve not only as a representative of the diagnostics sector in the Appropriate Use Working Group of AMRIA, but now also on the Board. I look forward to pushing forward the strategic initiatives of appropriate use.”

Tanya has over 20 years of experience in academia and biotech. In her role at MeMed, Tanya has continued to focus on challenges in the infectious disease space, and has helped to expand the Company’s collaborations with governments and other key stakeholders with the aim of addressing the global health challenge of AMR.

AMR, the ability of a microorganism such as a bacteria to develop resistance to the antibiotics used to fight infections, is a global health threat which puts at risk the effective treatment of a wide range of infections. According to AMRIA statistics, each year at least 700,000 people die because of drug resistant infections.

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