External double-blind prospective validation

We recently completed a decade long journey that included screening of >20,000 biomarkers,  signature construction and initial validation ( PLoS, Oved et al. 2015), followed by a series of external validation studies, making MeMed BV   the first blood test to accurately distinguish bacterial from viral infection that is validated in a double-blind manner. External double-blind validation studies included PathFinder (Pediatrics, Srugo et al. 2017), and the Opportunity Study (Lancet ID, Van Houten et al. 2016). Taken together the diagnostic performance of MeMed BV is 91% sensitivity, 94% specificity, with a negative predictive value of 96%. 


"This study potentially moves us substantially closer to that Holy Grail of accurately
determining which child truly is at risk for having a serious bact
erial infection"

Kimberlin and Poole, Pediatrics 2017


Additional studies enrolling thousands of patients are underway to further interrogate various aspects of MeMed BV, assess its effectiveness in different populations and clinical settings, and develop additional immune-based tests.