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To treat or not to treat?
Millions of decisions a day.  Let's make them better.


We are applying machine learning and artificial intelligence to the complex signaling of the world's most accurate diagnostic system, the immune system. Our AI-based diagnostics address key clinical and medical challenges in infectious diseases and inflammatory disorders.

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The test: MeMed BV

MeMed BV is a pioneering test for distinguishing between bacterial and viral infections that relies on the most accurate detection system - the body's immune system. MeMed BV aims to support physicians in making better informed antibiotic treatment decisions and tackling antimicrobial resistance - one of the biggest healthcare challenges of our time.

The platform: MeMed Key

MeMed Key is a first of its kind immunoassay platform, that opens the way to measuring multiple proteins with central lab performance at the point-of-need. Key will deliver MeMed BV test results in 15 minutes.

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Our technology and products have been developed and rigorously validated in large multinational clinical studies encompassing thousands of patients and published in high impact scientific and medical journals.