Decoding the host immune response into simple diagnostic insights

​​Timely assessment of patients presenting with infection in the Emergency Department improves outcomes, patient management, and antibiotic stewardship while reducing hospital costs. At MeMed, we decode the body’s complex host response to provide clinicians with actionable insights that improve patient care.

The FDA-cleared and CE-Marked MeMed BV®, our flagship product, accurately differentiates bacterial from viral infection within 15 minutes from serum while the CE-Marked MeMed COVID-19 Severity™ meets the urgent need of risk-stratifying COVID-19 patients.*

MeMed’s tests run on, MeMed Key®, an FDA-cleared point-of-need, rapid measurement platform that ensures timely results of these novel tests during the clinical decision-making timeframe.

Additional diagnostic applications, focused on critical, unmet needs in healthcare, are currently in development, all designed to support clinicians in making informed and timely treatment decisions.

MeMed BV and MeMed Key are FDA, CE-IVD and AMAR cleared and available in the US, EU, and Israel. MeMed COVID-19 Severity is CE-IVD and available in the EU and Israel. *MeMed COVID-19 Severity is not cleared by the FDA for any indication, and is not available for sale in the US.

15 mins

Designed to provide test results at the point of need in <15 minutes.

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