MeMed Core Values

MeMed Core Values

MeMed Proteome

We believe that the most important thing in a company is the people. Our core values guide our vision, beliefs and the way we act every day. Formulated by our teammates, they are our “north star” that leads our way and reflects our unique MeMed culture.

Core Values

We are passionate about impacting patient lives

We wake up in the morning to create host-response technologies, so patients receive the right treatment at the right time.

With patients and their loved ones in mind, we are laser-focused on providing impeccable customer experience. This applies to everyone our technology touches, whether you are a physician, lab manager, pharmacist, hospital administrator or payer.

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We strive for excellence in everything we do

We take pride in creating high quality stuff. We hand pick every team member and expect each one to be the best at what they do.

Like an elite sports team we set high standards, some people may think unreasonably high – guess what, making an impact, particularly in healthcare is challenging and requires unreasonably high standards. We strive to continuously improve. We understand that mistakes are part of our journey. It’s OK, as long as they don’t burn the house down. We learn, grow and don’t make the same mistake twice.

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We respect and value one another and have a strong sense of togetherness

MeMed is a jerk-free zone. Only “mensch” allowed. Respect and humility are the foundation of all interactions. We encourage open dialogue and always judge ideas by their merit, not their originator. We are tough on the issue and soft on the person.

Creating host-response solutions to medicine’s biggest problems requires a uniquely multidisciplinary team. People may call us a zoo of talents. We call it the MeMeds. Team effort drives us forward and we have lots of fun and laughs along the way.

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We make it happen

We have a “can do” attitude. We think boldly, map the challenges and are passionate about working out pragmatic solutions. This mindset is what brought us here, from an idea in grandma’s kitchen to pioneering the host-response field, even though many told us along the way “it cannot be done”.

We have a bias for action, rather than analysis paralysis. We focus on things that create real value and move the needle. We know that achieving big things does not necessarily require big resources – it requires sufficient resources, and the right attitude. For us, outcomes and content are king, process is servant. And not vice versa!

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We act with integrity and transparency

We are open. The default is to share work-related information with the team unless there is a compelling reason not to. We share, so everyone understands the broader context, the “why” and the “how”, empowering better and autonomous decisions. This trust comes with the expectation that anything sensitive is kept internal.

Facts matter. Our foundation is evidence. This is why we base our communications on data, not “Luftgesheft”. We communicate with precision and clarity. No long-winded stories with hidden details (except in the kitchen over lunch). Say it as it is, the triumphs and the failures.

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We own it!

When we say we’ll do something, we do it and hold ourselves accountable. CompleteWe own and acknowledge problems. We don’t complain about them, we don’t blame others , we don’t blame force majeure either. Instead, we are enthusiastic to solve them.

We are each an owner in this company, caring deeply about every aspect. We have the freedom and responsibility to act as leaders.

When we do something, we understand why we’re doing it, diving deep. We operate at all levels, both strategy and execution, no task is beneath us.

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We embrace change and innovate

The immune system has evolved to rapidly adapt to new environments. So have we. We embrace change and leverage it to our advantage. Even our core values might need to change with time. The only thing that will not change, is the need for change.

Tightly coupled with change, innovation runs in our bloodstream and in every corner of the company. To drive change and innovation, we continuously evaluate our situation, take educated risks, experiment and adapt.

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