About Us

Transformative patient care starts where host immune response meets machine learning diagnostics.

Our Vision

Transforming patient care by listening to the immune system and turning host response signals into clinical action.

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What We Do

MeMed decodes the signals of the body’s immune system to generate insights that help clinicians make more informed treatment decisions.

We started with a seemingly simple problem: a child or adult arrives at the doctor with a suspected infection. Does the patient have a bacterial or viral infection? MeMed BV®, our host-immune response solution, helps resolve this dilemma in real time.

Next, we are tackling the question of whether the patient is likely to deteriorate. Responding to the urgent need during the ongoing pandemic of risk stratifying COVID-19 patients, we have been developing MeMed COVID-19 Severity™ that addresses likelihood of deterioration in COVID-19 patients.

We continue to leverage our core game-changing technology to tackle additional high-impact and common clinical dilemmas.

How We Do It

By combining molecular immunology, machine learning, engineering and clinical expertise, we’ve been able to decode the complex host-response signaling language of the body to identify and measure biomarkers linked to specific clinical conditions. Applying computational algorithms, we develop tests that integrate these biomarker measurements to offer a more accurate understanding of a patient’s condition.

To ensure timely availability of these novel tests during the clinician’s decision-making workflow, we have developed MeMed Key® a compact immunoassay that returns results in 15 mintues from serum.

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