A simple blood test for accurately distinguishing between bacterial and viral infection

What is MeMed BV?

A simple blood test 

MeMed BV™  is a pioneering blood test to help physicians with the seemingly simple clinical dilemma - does a patient have a bacterial or viral infection.  The test harnesses the power of the world's most accurate detection system, crafted by nature - the body’s immune system. MeMed BV™ measures and computationally integrates the levels of three immune system proteins: TRAIL, IP-10 and CRP.

High quality independent double-blind clinical validation

MeMed BV™ is the only test for distinguishing bacterial from viral infections that has been validated in multinational, double-blind and external clinical studies. The clinical studies demonstrating the diagnostic performance of MeMed BV encompassed thousands of patients and are published in high impact medical journals.    

Performance is based on Curiosity, Opportunity and Pathfinder clinical studies enrolling 2,376 patients 

Why MeMed BV?

The advantages of listening to the immune response
Unlike most conventional solutions that seek to detect bacteria or viruses, MeMed BV™ is an advanced host response test that uses the human immune system as the disease sensor. This approach offers unique advantages far beyond speed and accuracy: (i) It can diagnose cases when the infection site is not readily accessible or is unknown (e.g., pneumonia or fever without source) because immune markers circulate throughout the body; (ii) It can prevent false alarms due to detection of bacteria or viruses that are mere bystanders and are not causing the disease; (iii) It is robust to rapidly evolving pathogens.


How is MeMed BV


1st generation kit available in ELISA format

MeMed BV™ is available today as an ELISA kit called ImmunoXpert™, which runs in two hours and is suitable for central lab settings. ImmunoXpert™ is approved for clinical use in the EU, Switzerland (CE-IVD), and Israel, and is available as part of our Early Access Program in select medical centers. The test is not intended for use as a standalone diagnostic tool, and should be used in conjunction with other clinical and laboratory findings.

It is currently not available for sale in the US.



MeMed product.JPG

MeMed BV ELISA format  runs in two hours.

The MeMed Key™ platform will run MeMed BV 
within minutes.