MeMed Key®

Central lab precision at the point of need

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A cutting edge multi-purpose immunoassay platform for quantitative diagnostic immunoassays that opens the way to central lab performance at the point-of-need, using chemiluminescence detection technology.

MeMed Key is being developed with three main benefits in mind:​

  • Performance​

  • Convenience

  • Expandability


Central lab precision MeMed Key provides accuracy similar to large central lab immunoassay platforms in a miniaturized and point-of-need format.

A broad dynamic rangeMeMed Key has a wide dynamic range from single pg/ml to µg/ml, which opens the way to measuring host and pathogen based Immunoassays that are currently only measurable at the central lab.

Simultaneous measurement of up to four analytes –  MeMed Key cartridges allow simultaneous measurements of up to four different analytes. These may be part of four different tests, or a single multi-analyte test, or their combination.


Any sample type and low volume – Due to its miniaturized chemiluminescence detection technology, MeMed Key analyzes low volumes of various specimen types including serum, plasma, capillary blood, urine and nasal.

All-on-board cartridge –  MeMed Key proprietary cartridges contain all the chemistry and plastics required to conduct the test, as well as a safe waste compartment which frees the user from hazardous material required procedures.

Ease-of-use MeMed Key has an easy-to-use graphical user interface and sample-to-answer workflow, making it suitable for a non-professional user.

Small footprint – MeMed Key is being designed to allow placement in a wide range of locations from the central lab to the outpatient setting.

Maintenance-freeMeMed Key does not require loading of any chemical reagents, consumables, waste handling or other maintenance duties. Just insert the cartridge with the patient sample and wait for the result. 


Expandable test menu - MeMed Key uses a chemiluminescence-based immunoassay. This format readily enables transitioning a wide range of conventional and novel immunoassays onto the platform.

To find out more on how to mount your immunoassay analyzer onto MeMed Key and explore partnership opportunities please contact us